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Golf on Bermuda's short, windswept layouts an exercise in patience, control - "With a breathtaking backdrop like Bermuda's old-school Mid Ocean Club, those memories will be myriad, regardless of whether your shots are career - or careening in all directions.
Mid Ocean's opening hole, a wind-strafed, 418-yard par-4, isn't even over before players find themselves atop a sheer cliff that feels like the edge of the world, the vast Atlantic churning against jagged volcanic rock some 15 metres below.
Equally impressive vistas await the golfer on Bermuda's many first-rate layouts, all of which are relatively short - it's not a big island, after all - but deceptively challenging and a whole lot of fun to play."

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Forbes   I recently spent a week in  Turks and Caicos , my first time out of the country since the pandemic hit. Like many Caribbean countries, Turks and Caicos rely  almost entirely on tourism  to power their economy, so they’re desperate for travelers to return. I’m happy to report that these beautiful beaches felt like an escape from the despair of this global pandemic, and here’s how they are keeping travelers safe.

Caribbean Star marks final flight, transfers assets to LIAT

Advocate : "THE seven-year-old Caribbean Star operated its final flight yesterday, marking a takeover by competitor LIAT, in a buyout that Chairman, Jean Holder, describes as 'one of the most significant business deals in the history of the Caribbean' . Late last month, the two carriers finalised and executed an agreement that facilitated the transfer of Caribbean Star's assets to LIAT. That asset purchase agreement did not include the remaining five aircrafts leased by Caribbean Star, which are expected to be transferred to LIAT in a separate transaction expected to coincide with today's closure of the carrier, owned by Antigua-based Texan billionaire, Sir Allen Stanford."

The caribbean cricket cup

In just a few months the caribbean will welcome the spectacle of the ICC Cricket world cup.It promises to be better than any other world cup. The caribbean knows how to party and we still know how to play cricket,may no bones about it.From Trinidad to Jamaica to Barbados.From calyspo to reggae.Stay tuned for a glorious experience of wonderful and excitng cricket coupled with pageantry that the world has never seen in a sporting event. Enjoy the uniqueness of worlds within many worlds .Fly to the caribbean.