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Record Levels of Tourism for St Lucia

Record Levels of Tourism for St Lucia : "Record numbers of tourists are visiting the sunny island of St Lucia, the latest official figures have revealed. According to the St Lucia Tourist Board, The Caribbean location is gaining popularity with holidaymakers, with overnight holiday stopover arrivals growing by 20 per cent during last month, reports the Caribbean Net News."

The best resorts in Jamaica for dining

Helium "Jamaica's resorts are famous for their spectacular beaches, beautiful mountain views, and unique vacationing experiences. Some of the best food on the island is dished up at the resorts, too - but which ones have the best of the best? This comprehensive guide to the best dining in Jamaican resorts will point you toward the cream of the crop in Jamaican resort dining."

Caribbean resorts: Luxury hotels in Jamaica

Helium "Jamaica has long been a playground for the rich and famous. Fantastic weather, beautiful beaches, fantastic service and amenities that would bring a smile to the faces of royalty all await the traveler to this Caribbean paradise. There are several luxury resorts in Jamaica each with its own distinct flavor and style. No matter what your definition of paradise, these resorts offer something for everyone. Pristine golf courses, fabulous spas, luxurious accommodations, spectacular tours of the islands flora & fauna and more are all available to the traveler that wants the very best. Jamaicas fabulous resorts offer little slices of heaven for anyone who can afford them."

The greening of Caribbean tourism : "As passionate lovers of the Caribbean, we appreciate all the things that make it … well … the Caribbean: crystal-clear water, reefs teeming with sea life and unspoiled miles of sugary sand. But, of course, tourism can have a ruinous effect on those very conditions, and so can global warming."

St. Lucia is indeed a Caribbean dream

:: "St. Lucia is a small, lush tropical gem of an island that is still relatively unknown and undeveloped, although it does offer a good variety of accommodation for tourists, including a few discreet resorts. St Lucia is one of the Windward isles of the Lesser Antilles, situated midway down the Eastern Caribbean chain between Martinique and St Vincent, just north of Barbados. It is tiny - only 27 miles (43km) long and 14 miles (23km) wide, shaped like an avocado."

The most expensive cruises you can take : "It’s nearly $600 a night to occupy a standard cabin aboard the 64-passenger Sea Cloud in the Caribbean, a ship once owned by E.F. Hutton and Marjorie Merriweather Post and still dripping with gold, marble and mahogany details."

St. Kitts : "St. Kitts and Nevis is known for many things: a huge Marriott, a busy cruise port and a super-deluxe Four Seasons resort. Sadly, its reputation doesn't include budget travel."

St. Croix Travel: The Island's Best Beach

Jaunted : "The largest of the three US Virgin Islands, St. Croix is the often forgotten sister of cruise ship-friendly St. Thomas and nature-loving St. John. But just because it sees the fewest tourists in the VI doesn't mean it's not worth a stop."

The island of smiles

Manchester Evening News : "THE brightly painted boats of St Lucia say much about this Caribbean island. Some are grand vessels fit for deep waters, others crudely built tubs - but each carries a name lovingly painted on its side revealing a gentle optimism - Patience Is The Key, Give And Take, Respect Life The First. Sun bleached and peeling, piled high with pastel nets, lurching on gentle swells or hauled up on dark volcanic sand beaches."

Luxury villas for sale on the Caribbean island of Anguilla

Country Life : "Owners of homes like these probably own a number of properties around the world and might only visit the properties briefly, he suggests, ‘but when they do, they want perfection.’ Mr Vaughan points out that around 60% of the world’s billionaires are self-made and therefore, are savvy and business minded. ‘These high net wealth individuals are kept very well informed of investment market conditions and invest accordingly.’"

The Landings Saint Lucia "One of the newest resorts in the Caribbean has recently opened on Saint Lucia. This beautiful island located in the Lesser Antilles chain has great weather, beaches and something for everyone. The Landings is a new development on the very northwest tip of the island that is located on 19 acres of prime beachfront property. International real estate investors will find this location to be ideal, and the prices for such a spot are quite reasonable."

Virgin Atlantic offers sale fares to the Caribbean

Cheap Flights "Book by 10pm April 29: Virgin Atlantic is offering sale fares on return flights to the Caribbean. Fares begin at £392 to destinations including Barbados, Antigua, Grenada and St Lucia. Out-bound flights leave from two UK airports, London Gatwick and Manchester. All fares include taxes, fees, charges and surcharges."

What type of vacation can your tax rebate buy? : "'ecotourism destination.' The resort has 114 units connected by elevated walkways of stairs and boardwalks to alleviate soil erosion and damage to the beach, and a 'Trash to Treasure' recycling program, in which trash is recycled into craft items and artwork. Round-trip airfare from Miami to St. Thomas, with a ferry to St. John and four nights at the resort is $430 per person, according to Maho Bay Camps in conjunction with Travelocity."