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Jamaica Gleaner News - Air Jamaica business plan approved -

Jamaica Gleaner News - Air Jamaica business plan approved - Wednesday | January 31, 2007 : "Cabinet on Monday approved the latest Air Jamaica business plan to move the national airline toward viability. Chief Executive Officer of Air Jamaica, Michael Conway, and Chairman of the Board, O.K. Melhado ,presented the improved plan to Cabinet. "

TravelConnect - New St. Lucia Flights Announced

TravelConnect - New St. Lucia Flights Announced : "The airline XL has announced new plans to introduce flights to St Lucia from the UK, highlighting the island’s growing tourist appeal. The introduction of St Lucia will be the fifth new service by XL Airways to the Caribbean in the last year and it will undoubtedly strengthen the group’s portfolio of holidays and flights to the Caribbean."

Caribbean Tourism Development Company (CTDC) - (Travel Daily News)

Caribbean Tourism Development Company (CTDC) - (Travel Daily News) : "The first act by the newly formed Caribbean Tourism Development Company (CTDC) Board of Directors was to sign an agreement with World Publications, LLC to declare Caribbean Travel & Life magazine as the official consumer publication of the Caribbean."

Regional airline tickets at new high....

The cost of inter-island travel has reached an all time high.The cost of airline tickets between islands have jumped to between 100-300 percent more in most cases. With the merger between LIAT and Caribbean Star soon to be finalized it is being speculated that the reduction in competition between regional carriers has been responsible for this price hike. Officials at Caribbean airlines are saying that it is their intention to be profitable from day one. It is no secret that regional carriers have been operating at a loss for sometime.Some experts in the Caribbean airline industry have been saying for a long time that competition had driven the industry into an unsustainable position and hence we are now seeing true market prices. Only time will tell what the true implications are for regional travel considering the ushering in of the csme and the hosting of the cricket world cup in a few weeks. News: Caribbean Star / LIAT Take Major Step Toward Merger News: Caribbean Star / LIAT Take Major Step Toward Merger : "ST. JOHN'S, Antigua--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Caribbean Star Airlines Ltd. and LIAT (1974) Ltd. have taken another major step forward in anticipation of finalizing the merger between the two carriers. The latest development involves the publishing of the first schedule combining the flight operations of both carriers. The new schedule, which was made available for bookings as of January 14, 2007"

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday |Caribbean Star, LIAT merger soon

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday : : : "Mark Darby, CEO of LIAT, commented on the new combined schedule, saying, “From February 1 onwards, we’ll offer a superior product with improved connections, choices of times and interline connections.” In keeping with Caribbean Star’s migration to LIAT’s “I airline designator code, Caribbean Star "

Caribbean Net News: Fly free to Barbados or St Lucia this winter

Caribbean Net News: Fly free to Barbados or St Lucia this winter : "ST PETERS, Barbados: Almond Resorts, a Caribbean all-inclusive chain of resort hotels, has a very tempting sunshine offer this winter. With bookings of five consecutive night stays or more, Almond Beach Club & Spa, Almond Beach Village and Almond Morgan Bay, are all offering a US$500 credit per person, towards airfare. "

Doing the hustle

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday : : : "Caribbean countries and hotels, highly dependent on tourism, are offering enticements to Americans to minimise the fall-out in tourist arrivals when the United States passport regime goes into effect this month. "

The Nation Newspaper | High hopes for airlines

The Nation Newspaper | High hopes for airlines : "THE REGIONAL travel landscape has undergone significant change in the first few days of 2007. Trinidad and Tobago's regional airline BWIA is now Caribbean Airlines and LIAT will shortly merge with Caribbean Star. "

Caribbean Airlines merger coming

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday : : : "AS the region prepares to welcome its latest airline, Liat-The Star of the Caribbean, there is speculation that this carrier could merge with the newly launched Caribbean Airlines. This was the view expressed yesterday by Aviation Communication and Allied Workers Union (ACAWU) president Curtis John."

LIAT, the Star of the Caribbean

Caribbean Star is going to be absorbed by LIAT and the new airline will be called LIAT, the Star of the Caribbean. Allen Stanford,Lone shareholder in Caribbean Star is actually going to be the financier of the new airline with US$35 million loan to help clear LIAT debt,however he will not be a shareholder in the new airline. source Antigua Sun

Caribbean Airlines Takes Over for BWIA || Jaunted

Caribbean Airlines Takes Over for BWIA || Jaunted : "While you were busy sleeping off your New Year's partying, BWIA was busy disappearing. British West Indies Airways is no longer. But don't fret: Caribbean Airlines is the newer, sleeker version that--Travel Weekly says--"

Caribbean Sun plans to shut down operations: South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Caribbean Sun plans to shut down operations: South Florida Sun-Sentinel : "Caribbean Sun Airlines, citing strong competition from rivals, said Tuesday it plans to cease all flight operations and eliminate 195 jobs, 32 of them at corporate headquarters in Fort Lauderdale. The airline's hub is in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and it serves nine Caribbean destinations with more than 160 flights a week."

Smooth transition to caribbean airlines

Seems that the BWIA transition to Caribbean Airlines has been smooth and seamless with no reported flight delays,complaints or other problems. You will still be seeing BWIA airplanes though as so far only one aircraft carries the new colour and logo. Caribbean Airlines will be continuing BWIA’s flights to Barbados, Antigua, St Lucia, Jamaica, Suriname, Guyana, Miami, New York, Toronto and London. Caribbean Airlines signed a codeshare agreement with British Airways last November that will see the latter providing direct flights from Port-of-Spain to London three days every week, effective March 28. Caribbean Airlines will provide a seamless connecting service from Port-of- Spain to Barbados to London on the other days of the week.

Sufficient flights will be available for CWC 2007

Despite the current situation among airlines in the Caribbean,example the merger and downsizing of LIAT and Caribbean Star assurance has been given that there will be no shortage of flights ...... It is somewhat ironic that this downsizing and restructuring as well as the cessation of BWIA has all coincided with what is expected to be our most busy year

Caribbean Airways airborne

Caribbean Airways is now officially airborne. The caribbean will surely miss BWIA but changes will always come. It is a good time for a new airline as we will be expecting significantly more air traffic this year.

How safe is the caribbean?

The Caribbean in our opinion still remains a very safe place to live. Thankfully here in the Caribbean and especially the West Indies we are not faced with any of those harsh conditions.Stable governments,easy access to all major airlines.Yes there is certain crime in some areas and travellers should take the usual precautions but in our obviously biased opinion the Caribbean is the safest place in the world.

The caribbean is fun

No doubt about it,living in the caribbean is fun. Maybe it is the slow pace of living...sometimes the pace of business can be at a snail's pace. Hanging out on the beaches is a popular pastime.Watching the time drift away. Before long it is time to head for a party in Trinidad,where you will find the original party animals.Then to Jamaica,home of the unique reggae culture. Of course you need a flight to get there quickly......

Caribbean accommodation 2007

Who isn't looking forward to the cricket world cup being hosted in the Caribbean in early 2007.From all reports the question of providing accommodation will be a challenging one. No one is absolutely sure about the travelling dynamics that we can expect from those coming to the Caribbean in 2007.Will we get our usual yearly visitors who will be enthralled at coming to the Caribbean at what is promising to be a festive and sporting year for our islands?For sure we can expect an influx of visitors from all the cricketing nations of the world. Barbados surely will be bursting with English visitors there is absolutely no doubt about that.Certainly by this time all plans have been finalised and are on standby. One thing is for sure, we are in an enviable position for not only will we be hosting the biggest cricket event of the year but we will be leveraging our unique geographical location and exciting cultural mix to deliver a sporting festivity that will be the delight of both the pur

LIAT Airline to get financial assistance

Cash strapped LIAT,Leeward Island Air Transport is to get an injection of capital from the governments of Barbados,Antigua and Barbuda and St.Vincent and the Grenadines in an effort to keep it in the air. posted dec21

The caribbean cricket cup

In just a few months the caribbean will welcome the spectacle of the ICC Cricket world cup.It promises to be better than any other world cup. The caribbean knows how to party and we still know how to play cricket,may no bones about it.From Trinidad to Jamaica to Barbados.From calyspo to reggae.Stay tuned for a glorious experience of wonderful and excitng cricket coupled with pageantry that the world has never seen in a sporting event. Enjoy the uniqueness of worlds within many worlds .Fly to the caribbean.