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What's the best overall Caribbean destination? -

USATODAY "Puerto Rico bested St. John and Jamaica in voting by more than 250,000 readers. It also won honorable mentions in shopping, adventure and best natural attraction or park for El Yunque rainforest. Its new W Retreat & Spa -- Vieques Island won honorable mention in best medium-sized hotel. And the venerable Caribe Hilton in San Juan earned an honorable mention in the 'Megaresort' category."

St. Lucia may be the most beautiful Caribbean island

Cape Cod Today : "We have been island-hopping in the Caribbean for thirty years, visiting over twenty-five islands and countless resorts as well as bare-boat sailing there many times. But we have never seen a more beautiful island or had better dining experiences than at Rodney Bay in St. Lucia over this past New Years holiday, and that despite being delayed three days by that Christmas blizzard."

Ideal islands for families

Toronto Sun : "Action can be non-stop on the beaches of Ocho Rios -- swimming, sailing, para-sailing. And there's a slew of all-inclusive, family friendly resorts just outside of town. But it's the day trip to nearby Dunn's River Falls that's a keeper for kids' memories forever: A climb up a 183-metre tropical waterfall made possible by all-natural, all-beautiful travertine rock steps. The water is cool, swift and amazingly clear as it jets rapidly toward the Caribbean Sea. The sound alone is enough to calm a harried parent. Ocho Rios activities also include tubing along clean, gentle streams through mountainous Jamaican terrain and horseback riding on empty stretches of beach."

Favourite Caribbean beaches

Toronto Sun : "Carry-a-what? Carriacou (Carry-a-coo) is a tiny, southern island in the pretty Grenadine chain, a favourite stop for sailors touring the Caribbean, and a little-sister island to much larger Grenada. Sandy Island is a Gilligan-like isle off Carriacou's coast consisting of little else but a white sand beach with lapping azure-coloured water. Reaching the beach takes a bit of work, but whiling away an afternoon on Sandy Island beach is about as relaxing as a good whiling can get, so it's worth the effort. If you're vacationing on Grenada, hop on a morning ferryboat (The Osprey), which sails daily roundtrip to Carriacou. The hour's ride whips by about as quickly as the Pirates-of-the-Caribbean scenery."

Barbados' hidden gems

CANOE Travel - The Caribbean "BRIDGETOWN, Barbados -- There are attractions on this island -- Harrison's Cave, St. Nicholas Abbey, Crane Beach for example -- that are well known for a reason. They're worth visiting, either for their uniqueness, beauty or historic value. Then there are a host of other equally notable places that are somewhat off the beaten track -- not hard to get to -- just not as well known. These are the secret or hidden treasures of Barbados -- hidden because either no one has bothered to publicize their merits or because they are still too new to have garnered any significant attention. Here are a few of the best known attractions paired with their lesser known counterparts. Check them out and compare for yourself."

Caribbean islands make world bright and sunny again for winter weary : "Caribbean memories sustain me this time of year, when the trappings of another Northeast Ohio winter have already become old. Coping with snow and ice, pretty as it is at first, wears one down. My daydream turns to a game of dominoes, that Caribbean favorite, played in front of an open window at a little bar in Coral Bay, on the sleepy side of St. John. In the photo captured of that moment, the view of the sailboat-dotted bay outside looks like a painting on the wall, with sea colors so blue they don't seem real."

St. Lucia - Pearl of the Antilles : "Just imagine relaxing on a comfortable lounge chair beside your own private pool, overlooking the Caribbean, reading a good book and feeding from a fruit basket in your room filled with fresh mangoes, bananas, grapes, pears, guavas and peaches. I didn’t even bother to go to breakfast one morning – it’s hard to beat fresh mangoes! "

Antigua is a delight at every turn

NYdailynews "Picking an island to visit in the Caribbean can be a crap-shoot for even the most seasoned of travelers. Do you pick the tranquil Dominica or the faster-paced Dominican Republic? Will the all-inclusive resort have terrible food and watered-down drinks? Does it ever stop raining long enough to come home with a tan?"