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BA to fly daily to Buenos Aires and non-stop to Rio next winter Latest News News Hemscott : "BA also said its service from Gatwick to St Lucia will increase to three flights per week from two and will be direct rather than with a stop in Antigua, which will save two hours. In addition, flights from Gatwick to Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago will go via St Lucia rather than the current stop in Barbados, the carrier said."

Secrets of the Caribbean "Taking off for warm beaches where nobody can find you is something most of us dream about. Maybe it's time to cash in a CD and just do it, or perhaps you need to save up a little while longer. In any case, it's good to know just the right place to go when the moment comes. Here is a trio of exquisite, small Caribbean retreats that fit the bill."

Property in the Caribbean: The best kept secret in Jamaica

Telegraph : "Legend has it that Errol Flynn let a crocodile loose in the streets of Port Antonio, Jamaica. 'I wouldn't be surprised,' says his widow, actress Patrice Wymore Flynn. He definitely did not, however, drive his Cadillac into the swimming pool without extinguishing his cigar -another legend still circulating the Caribbean island. 'He didn't smoke cigars, or have a Cadillac,' she says."
Caribbean deal: Hotel and airfare, too! : Think you can't afford a trip to the Caribbean this winter? Here's a pair of tips — one super airfare deal and a beachfront resort special — that can make it possible.

Airlines must reduce cost of travel

St. Lucia Star "Secretary General of the Caribbean Hotel Association, Alec Sanguenetti, has warned that Caribbean tourism will continue to lag behind other regions unless the staggering cost for airlines operating within and into the region is significantly reduced. He told media representatives attending Caribbean Marketplace 2008 in the Bahamas, that the operating cost for these airlines was among the highest in the world. 'That is a matter that has to be addressed because those costs imposed through various fees and taxation are simply passed on to all of us in this room when we travel,' the CHA official said.

British Airways to increase flights to island

Advocate : "From October 26, Barbados will have nine direct British Airways flights from London, Gatwick, bringing additional weekly capacity to the island from one of its popular markets. This is part of the airlines effort to make improvements to its Caribbean flight network this year. Flights from Gatwick to Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago will start operat-ing via St. Lucia, instead of the current schedule of Gatwick to Barbados."

The Caribbean's King of All-Inclusives: The Dominican Republic

Robert's Caribbean Travel Blog "It would only be a slight exaggeration to say that the Dominican Republic has more all-inclusive resorts than the rest of the Caribbean. There are more than two dozen pay-one-price resorts spread across the Dominican Republic's major resort areas, including Punta Cana, La Romana, and Puerto Plata."

$427 to Tobago in Caribbean : "dark sand beaches of Tobago on the island's Atlantic coast are ideal for strolls and beachcombing (not suitable for swimming due to turbulent waters), whereas the ones on the Caribbean side are the best for snorkeling, swimming and enjoying crystal blue waters and gold sand."