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A culinary powerhouse in the Caribbean

Image via Wikipedia : "Blessed with a bounty of natural resources , the petite isle north of Venezuela is a Caribbean culinary powerhouse. Tobago is the smaller sibling in the twin island nation of Trinidad & Tobago and has no hotels higher than a palm tree . With a population of just 54,000 people, 500 taxis and an endless supply of spectacular sunsets, the island also tempts with a cornucopia of gastronomic goodies." Related articles Trinidad & Tobago Culinary Team Wins Top Honors (

St Lucia: Bowled over by the island of calm

Telegraph : "Instead of the glitz of Barbados, Strauss has opted for the understated chic of St Lucia. It is the most beautiful island in the Caribbean to its admirers, but not one where you would expect to find Simon Cowell chatting to Sienna Miller under a palm tree. “I could have gone for Barbados,” Strauss tells me. “It is certainly an island I love. But St Lucia is more unspoilt and offers greater privacy. I want somewhere I can go and relax in peace with my family."