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Monday, January 8, 2007

Caribbean accommodation 2007

Who isn't looking forward to the cricket world cup being hosted in the Caribbean in early 2007.From all reports the question of providing accommodation will be a challenging one.

No one is absolutely sure about the travelling dynamics that we can expect from those coming to the Caribbean in 2007.Will we get our usual yearly visitors who will be enthralled at coming to the Caribbean at what is promising to be a festive and sporting year for our islands?For sure we can expect an influx of visitors from all the cricketing nations of the world.

Barbados surely will be bursting with English visitors there is absolutely no doubt about that.Certainly by this time all plans have been finalised and are on standby.

One thing is for sure, we are in an enviable position for not only will we be hosting the biggest cricket event of the year but we will be leveraging our unique geographical location and exciting cultural mix to deliver a sporting festivity that will be the delight of both the pure tourist,the sporting tourist and the avid cricket fan.